Salesmen's Picks

Giving our retailers an honest assessment of some of our favorite skus from a personal perspective. Our sales team is constantly trained on the natural products and brands that we distribute. And in many cases, we really do use what we sell.

Kari Bukur's Sales Pick for January, 2017

Hybrid CR Rapid Immune Defense

When we had our sales training for Hybrid CR, I was impressed with the background and philosophy of the product's founder and formulator. A pharmacist for Mayo Clinic, he had a wealth of knowledge that he used to develop this product.

Armed with several sample packs, I was fully prepared for one of my family members or myself to be the guinea pig! Within a few days, my 16-year-old son, Max, began to complain of a sore throat and cough. I immediately began giving him Hybrid CR Rapid Immune Defense (Item # 399300). I can always tell if a product is making my children feel better because I do not have to remind them to take it. It stopped his cough and cold in its tracks and it just seemed to dissipate. Of course, about a week later, I began to feel sick. Mom getting sick is never a good thing! I started a round of Hybrid CR and it also stopped me from progressing and it simply just went away. Success! Based on my experience, I would most definitely give this product a try.

Coming into cold and flu season, it may be another weapon in the arsenal! Happy New Year and Stay Healthy!

Kari Bukur / Regional Sales Executive

Aisha Miller's Sales Pick for December, 2016

Kiss Naturals' DIY Crafts Kits for Kids

Christmas is coming so I have started looking for unique gift ideas. This year I decided to get my older two kids in on the fun. We are making Kiss Naturals products for all the people they love and care for! From Bubble Bath (Item # 397235), to Glycerine Soap (Item # 397200), to Lip Balm (Item # 397210) and Bath Fizzies (Item # 397230), they will be checking people off their list left and right. They are so excited to be a part of the gift giving process and Kiss Naturals makes it so easy. Even at four and five years old, they are able to follow the simple directions to make their own products.

An added bonus for me is the science experiment they get with the Lava Lip Gloss (Item # 397220) and the math lesson they receive by measuring out the ingredients. The products are great and I think all of their friends, family and teachers that receive them will think they are wonderful!

Aisha Miller / Regional Sales Executive

Rachel Meredith's Sales Pick for November, 2016

Celtic Sea Salt's Rare Body Scrub Spa

Joe, my boyfriend, and I recently bought our first home! There is a TON of great things about moving from a tiny apartment right downtown to a huge, ranch style house out in the country BUT my favorite thing has to be that I FINALLY have a bath tub - not just a stand up shower! It has been at least 10 years since I have lived somewhere that had a bath (thanks, parents!).

Naturally, I went crazy trying different bath salts, bombs, bubbles, etc. I thought, they all have to be the same, right? WRONG. Celtic Sea Salt's Rare Body line came out on top, by far! I personally tried their Spa Scent (Item # 363630) bath salt & could FEEL my body relax & my skin become smoother - I had to pinch myself because I felt I was at an actual spa! The blend of Celtic Sea Salt, essential oils and Celtic Sea Salt Mineral Brine is a feeling EVERYONE should experience, guilt free, right in their own home.

Winter is coming! Keep your skin soft, your body relaxed and your mind at ease with Celtic Sea Salt's RARE BODY line. The benefits are endless!

Rachel Meredith / Regional Sales Executive

Diana "Shorty" Otte's Sales Pick for October, 2016

My Magic Mud and NatureZWay Bamboo Sponge

I began using My Magic Mud in the spring of 2015 simply because it sparked my curiosity. How on earth could a black charcoal powder make my teeth white? Needless to say, I was a skeptic. What a believer I am now! I was also having occasional issues with my gums bleeding when I brushed but not anymore! Not only has it whitened my teeth quite a bit but every single day I have that super clean, just left the dentist feeling in my mouth, which I love. I simply dab some My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder (Item # 390010) onto my toothbrush in the morning and evening and let it work its magic as I brush.

Personally, I keep a NatureZWay Bamboo Sponge (Item # 389292) handy and wipe out the sink after I rinse my mouth, because well, it's black charcoal, and honestly, it can be a bit messy if you are rushing while you are brushing! Both of my children use Magic Mud and have noticeably whiter teeth and good reports from their dentist. My teenage son also uses toothpaste because he likes minty breath (we all appreciate that). Speaking of toothpaste, be on the lookout for the release of Magic Mud Toothpastes which should be available in Q4 of 2016.

Contact your Palko sales rep and place Magic Mud on your shelves today!!

Diana "Shorty" Otte / Regional Sales Executive

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