New Products

Palko Services is constantly adding new, exciting products to our distribution mix. This page lists the full range of products we have picked up in the last 90 days.

166 New Items added Since 10/21/2016 (last 90 days)

663000Immune Extra Pine Cone Extract60 vgc

663103Immune Extra Pine Cone Extract30 vgc

314032Black Seed Oil (Cumin)32 oz

314320Egyptian Black Seed Oil32 oz

5090641000 Roses Color Care Shampoo11.5 oz

509068Marula Oil Shampoo11.5 oz

5090651000 Roses Color Care Conditioner11.5 oz

5090661000 Roses Leave-In Conditioner6.8 oz

509069Marula Oil Conditioner11.5 oz

5090671000 Roses Color Care1.5 oz

509070Marula Oil Detangling Spray8.2 oz

509071Marula Oil Hair Mask1.5 oz

509072Marula Oil Taming Creme6.8 oz

556388Garcinia Cambogia60 cap

556392Garcinia Cambogia Drops2 oz

556395Phyto Nutrients2 oz

556398Renew Detox & Cleansing60 ct

556533Super Lean2 oz

556546Travel Safe Parasite Cleanse1 oz

556399Appetite Control2 oz

556535Diet Maintain450 plt

556370Active Pain Relief Cream3 oz

556394Age Defense2 oz

556549Athletic Edge HGH + IGF-11 oz

556550Athletic Edge HGH + IGF-12 oz

556369Balance Menopause Spray3 oz

556532Collagen Repair16 oz

556321Relaxation Cream3 oz

556551Lime Stevia Powder1.6 oz

556358Blueberry Stevia Liquid2 oz

556365Candy Cane Stevia Liquid1 oz

556357Cappaccino Stevia Liquid2 oz

556539Chocolate Raspberry Stevia Liquid1 oz

556665Egg Nog Stevia Liquid1 oz

556387Ginger Bread Stevia Liquid1 oz

556368Hazelnut Liquid Stevia2 oz

556386Irish Cream Stevia Liquid1 oz

556538Maple Brown Sugar Stevia Liquid1 oz

556364Marshmallow Stevia Liquid1 oz

556363Pumpkin Spice Stevia Liquid1 oz

556541Sweet Sun Tea Stevia Liquid1 oz

556536Whipped Cream Stevia Liquid1 oz

654014Canker Sores Begone Stick.5 oz

654001Cold Sores Begone Stick.5 oz

158709Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil2 oz

158427SPF 30 Active Stick.47 oz

158423SPF 30 Baby4 oz

158365Vitamin C Concentrated Serum2 oz

158370Vitamin C Intense Night Cream2 oz

158355Vitamin C Misc. Cleansing Water6 oz

158360Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer2 oz

62735330 Day Green Supremefood Lemon-Lime210 gm

62734930 Day Sports Supremefood210 gm

627355Fermented Protein Supremefood483 gm

D454Bacopa 320 mg60 vgc

D428CoQ10 plus PQQ w/BioPerine60 vgc

D464Digestive Health Probiotic60 vgc

D426Pea Protein w/ProHydrolase450 gm

631107Ener C Peach Mango30 pkt

592656Coco GoGo Smoothie Mix6 oz

592654Superfood Smoothie Mix6 oz

592655Wild Protein Smoothie Mix6 oz

592015Himalayan Sea Salt Pink1 lb

381421Curly-Q Hydrating Conditioner8 oz

381411Curly-Q Hydrating Shampoo12 oz

381431Curly-Q Styling Spray Gel8 oz

FB672L-Lysine 500 mg100 cap

FB067Magnesium 400 mg100 cap

FB673Potassium 99 mg90 tab

658482GastrobiPlex Weight Management60 cap

658977Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate24 oz

658978Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla24 oz

362601Real Birch Xylitol Sweetener1 lb

481736Digestive Enzyme Broad Spectrum180 vgc

481734Digestive Enzyme Broad Spectrum90 vgc

481002L-Theanine (AlphaWave) 100 mg90 vgc

481319Methyl Folate 800 mcg120 vgc

480195Men's All in One Body Wash30 oz

481261Smoothing Coconut Body Wash30 oz

398608Tattoo Calming Balm1 oz

398609Tattoo Lotion3 oz

273426Kids Sleep Aid2 oz

273327Kids Stress & Anxiety2 oz

273326People's Best Arnica Gel2.6 oz

273001People's Best Flu Relief12 dose

247100Kolorex Intimate Wash8.5 oz

659507Fabulous Fiber16 oz

659511Super Fabulous Fiber16 oz

659516Weigh Down Chocolate16 oz

659517Weigh Down Strawberry16 oz

659518Weigh Down Vanilla16 oz

659508Staminex16 oz

659510Staminex w/Ginseng16 oz

659515Over 40 Original16 oz

659522Over 40 Tropical Fruit16 oz

659514Lecithin16 oz

659519Brewer's Yeast Flakes12.3 oz

659506RDA16 oz

328139Roslyn's Organic Drink Mix6.4 oz

328650Organic Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil4 oz

660607Acne Pill60 tab

660560Eczema Pill60 tab

364273Couples' Reproductive Pak60 tab

661429Chia Blackberry Hibiscus Tea Drink5 pkt

661428Chia Strawberry Lemonade Drink5 pkt

661430Chia Superfood Oomph Drink5 pkt

661427Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Kombucha5 pkt

661426Maca Goji Mojo Kombucha5 pkt

661425Pear Ginger Zing Kombucha5 pkt

632080Maitake D-Fraction EZ Spray 30ml.1 oz

390013Whitening Toothpaste Cinnamon Clove4 oz

390011Whitening Toothpaste Peppermint4 oz

390014Whitening Toothpaste Wintergreen4 oz

332056Gelatinized Maca Powder16 oz

332750Cacao Butter8 oz

332279Cacao Cranberry Superfood Bar12/box

332029Goji Acai Superfood Bar12/box

332025Maca Maple Superfood Bar12/box

332316Peanut Hemp Superfood Bar12/box

657512CGrass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks25/box

657514CGrass-Fed Spicy BeefSnack Sticks25/box

657515CFree Range Spicy Turkey Snack Sticks25/box

657513CFree Range Turkey Snack Sticks25/box

539216For Men Only30 tab

539217For Men Only60 tab

539218For Men Only90 tab

539222For Men Only II90 tab

539210For Men Only II60 tab

539220For Men Only II30 tab

662001Chicken Bone Broth, 20 Servings9.2 oz

662006Chicken Bone Broth, 5 Servings2.3 oz

336950Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue2 oz

336945Joint & Tendon Rescue2 oz

375664CBD Oil Balm Extra Strength1.3 oz

375645CBD Oil Capsules 10mg30 cap

375647CBD Oil Peppermint Drops 250mg1 oz

375650CBD Oil Peppermint Drops 750mg2 oz

375646CBD Oil Unflavored Drops 250mg1 oz

375651CBD Oil Unflavored Drops 750mg2 oz

375691CBD Oil Softgels 15mg10 sfg

375663CBD Oil Softgels 15mg60 sfg

643737CCamouflage Edition PB&J Bar10/box

67404CDOrganic Beet Juice Concentrate 2oz.12 pc

653603CSavi Crisp Chocolate Dessert Bar6/box

653605CSavi Crisp Salted Caramel Bar6/box

653601CSavi Crisp Vanilla Dream Bars6/box

637722CDEpic Protein Chocolate Maca16 pkt

637706Epic Protein Chocolate Maca16 oz

637713Epic Protein Green Kingdom1 kg

637724CDEpic Protein Green Kingdom16 pkt

637700Epic Protein Original16 oz

637704Epic Protein Original1 kg

637721CDEpic Protein Original16 pkt

637723CDEpic Protein Vanilla Lucuma16 pkt

637709Epic Protein Vanilla Lucuma16 oz

637732Perfect Protein Superfood16 oz

637720Pumpkin Seed Protein16 oz

637702Sprout Mix Omega Gather4 oz

648025Jasmine Petal Green Tea100 gm

648026Organic Earl Grey Tea100 gm

648027Organic English Breakfast Tea100 gm

648023Organic Sencha Green Tea100 gm

648603Organic Detox Tea15 bag

648602Organic Energize Tea15 bag

648601Organic Hydrate Tea15 bag

648604Organic Invigorate Tea15 bag

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