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New Brand Announcement: Z!nt
03/06/2017 10:09:21 AM

Just Added! Z!nt - brand listing

Z!nt Logo

With a passion for the most natural, ethical and sustainable foods and farming techniques, Zint was founded with the mission of delivering super ingredients for maximum nutrition while making them simple to integrate into your daily routine. And whether these foods are found at the far ends of the globe or in our own backyards, Zint is constantly on the search for the world's most natural, nutrient-rich ingredients that enhance lives through vibrant health, increased energy and overall wellbeing.

Learn more at the Z!nt website.

New Brand Announcement: Safesha
02/23/2017 10:44:54 AM

Just Added! Safesha - brand listing

Safesha Logo

Safesha Hand Sanitizer was created to fill a special need in your life. The need for a clean, natural, wonderfully-fragranced hand sanitizer that doesn't dry out your skin. Safesha is made from the best ingredients nature has to offer and conveniently dispenses in an attractive, portable tube - ready when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

Nature's Hand Sanitizer

If nature had a hand sanitizer, it would resemble Safesha. At the outset our goal was simple: Trust nature. What does this mean to you? It means a simple, clean, moisturizing formula that feels great and never leaves your skin feeling dry. It means putting the best ingredients possible on your skin. It's the confidence in knowing you are doing your body right. Our philosophy is, nature knows best.

Learn more at the Safesha website.

New Brand Announcement: Naturally Vitamins
02/23/2017 10:44:31 AM

Just Added! Naturally Vitamins - brand listing

Naturally Vitamins Logo

Naturally Vitamins is a leader in nutritional supplements with over 60 years of industry experience. We are a research driven company, dedicated to making innovative, alternative healthcare solutions to help people live longer, healthier, and more active lives.

We have a commitment to excellence. Naturally uses ingredients from the purest sources. Marlyn Nutraceuticals, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, meets and exceeds the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) set for dietary supplements by the industry and operates under the guidelines of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). We are an active member of the Natural Products Association which promotes self-regulation among its members to uphold truth and quality in natural health foods' ingredients and labeling. In order to offer value to our distributors, retailers and consumers of our products, the highest standards are necessary.

We also recognize and take pride in fulfilling our social responsibility. We are a company that deeply cares about the environment. At Naturally, profitability, ecology and responsibility are not competing interests - they create a synergy that make our products and our world much better.

Learn more at the Naturally Vitamins website.

New Brand Announcement: Dr. Woods Products
02/23/2017 07:23:15 AM

Just Added! Dr. Woods Products - brand listing

Dr. Woods Products Logo

For Our Family... And Yours.

Dr. Woods is a family business born from our own passionate quest to produce the finest and most effective Health & Beauty products in the world. Our family is wonderfully diverse with different ages, skin types, hair textures and styling needs, so creating truly healthy, highly effective products that work for all of us was an inspiring challenge... and with diligence, creativity and lots of love, we created the most beneficial and environmentally sustainable products available.

Learn more at the Dr. Woods Products website.

New Brand Announcement: Wyldewood Cellars
02/22/2017 03:32:33 PM

Just Added! Wyldewood Cellars - brand listing

Wyldewood Cellars Logo

Wyldewood Cellars takes pride in producing Elderberry Concentrate that is pure elderberry - with nothing else added. Enjoy this native berry that has been part of human history for thousands of years by making it a part of your everyday diet.

We believe that the best elderberry product is the one that is minimally processed and therefore is closest to the fresh fruit, which is naturally a beautiful deep color. Elderberries are naturally low in sugar with less than 1 gram of sugar in each teaspoon of Wyldewood Cellars concentrate.

Learn more at the Wyldewood Cellars website.

New Brand Announcement: Niche For Men
02/20/2017 09:21:33 AM

Just Added! Niche For Men - brand listing

Niche For Me Logo

Natural skincare products for active men. Your life doesn't suck, nor should the products you use everyday. Niche for men products, the first action sports focused, all natural, vegan skincare brand designed with your lifestyle in mind. Stop damaging your body with harsh chemicals - all natural, paraben free, sulfate free, pthalate free, aluminum free, petroleum free products designed for the active health conscious man. #becomeniche

Learn more at the Niche For Men website.

New Brand Announcement: Keep Healthy Bars
02/16/2017 09:54:15 AM

Just Added! Keep Healthy Bars - brand listing

Keep Healthy Bars Logo

While living and working in Abu Dhabi, Keep Healthy's founder Ron Sowa was introduced to the ancient tradition of sharing dates on social occasions. Ron was amazed to learn that this gracious hospitable act had a hidden surprise - dates are a SOUPED up super food, loaded with essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

Ron's very first snack bars used dates as the core ingredient and still do so today. The New York Original Date Bar is just as it was - delicious and nutritious.

Today the Keep Healthy team is inspired every day to #KeepitClean because #ingredientsmatter.

Take a bite today.

Learn more at the Keep Healthy Bars website.

New Brand Announcement: Lafe's Natural Bodycare
01/27/2017 01:52:39 PM

Just Added! Lafe's Natural Bodycare - brand listing

Lafe's Natural Bodycare

The mission of Lafe's is to create a genuine and authentic natural personal care brand that promotes sustainable living and support a strong commitment to environmental stewardship by creating products consumers trust and are affordable to all.

Lafe's passion is to empower consumers with the knowledge about healthy living practices which contribute one's own good health as well as the health of the world community.

Lafe's believes in using business as a force for good. Lafe's donates a portion of annual profits to causes that work to eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer.

Learn more at the Lafe's Natural Bodycare website.

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