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Item #: 92115
Name: .5 oz Lemon Myrtle 100% Pure Oil
Product Image: Lemon Myrtle 100% Pure Oil
UPC: 637792111159

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Suggested Retail: $9.95

Extended Information:

Directions:  Aromatherapy Oil Burner-use direct from bottle for invigoration & revitalization. Massage Oil-2 drops per ounce of carrier oil. Potpouri-add a few drops for freshening the air. HouseHold Use Air Freshener-add several drops to water in a spray bottle. Kitchen Smells-add to oil burner to freshen kitchen after cooking. Floor Washing-add several drops into cleaning liquid. Dishwashing-add several drops into dishwashing liquid. Vacuum Bags-add 2-3 drops to bag. *** Mold Remover-add 3 drops to 6oz of water and apply with a damp cloth. Unpleasant Drain Odors-add a drop or 2 into the toilet or sink.
Ingredients:  100% lemon myrtle oil.

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