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Item #: 67957
Name: 8.5 oz Real Relief Cough Cold Night
Product Image Unavailable: Real Relief Cough Cold Night
UPC: 778159309571

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Suggested Retail: $10.99

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Directions:  Take before bedtime. Repeat every 8 hours as needed. Reduce intake with improvement or as directed by a health professional. Adults & children 12+: 2 teaspoons; Children 6-11: 1 teaspoon Children 2-5: 1/2 teaspoon
Active Ingredients HPUS: drosera 1C, arnica montana 3C, bryonia 3C, cetraria islandica 1C, belladonna 3C, coccus cacti 3C, corallium rubrum 3C, stannum metallicum 3C, chamomilla 4C , coffea cruda 4C. In
Active Ingredients:  purified water, sorbitol, caramel, sodium bensozte, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

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