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Item #: 453051
Name: 1 pc Scalar Energy Pendant
Product Image: Scalar Energy Pendant
UPC: 094922390516

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Suggested Retail: $49.99
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30/case HOW DOES SCALAR ENERGY FUNCTION? By eliminating the negative effect of man-made frequencies/radioactive energies Electro-Pollution such as (computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, TV, smart meters, and electrical equipment). Scalar energy frequency will render man-made frequencies harmless to humans. HEALTH BENEFITS TO SCALAR ENERGY? Strengthens Your Body’s Bio-Energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves. Improves stamina, endurance & strength. Restores balance & harmony to the body & increases your energy levels. Alleviates soreness, aches & pains, and improves flexibility. Calms the mind & Improves focus/ concentration. Energizes *** blood cells/improves circulation, neutralizes harmful energies. Also: Negative ions have been found to facilitate the delivery of oxygen to cells, which stimulate bodily functions and rejuvenation. Results are higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Negative ions help to lift mood, alleviate depression and stimulate body’s immune system. WHAT ARE THE FREQUENCIES EMBEDDED IN SCALAR ENERGY PENDANT? The main frequencies are 8 Hz (Alpha Energy) and 12 Hz (Theta Energy). These two core frequencies are among the most beneficial to the human body. WHAT IS THE SCALAR ENERGY PENDANT MADE FROM? Created from a lava based compound (71 minerals) structurally bonded together using advanced nanotechnology. Note: The energy of a pendant can last for a minimum of 50 years. *** It also does not require any specific maintenance, but you can re-energize it a couple of times a year by placing it in the sun for 3-4 hours. The effect of Scalar Energy is cumulative, it gets stronger with time. HOW TO USE SCALAR ENERGY PENDANT? Wear Scalar Energy pendant over the neck, or place it directly on the affected body area (e.g. Knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc.) To relieve stiffness or soreness.

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