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Item #: 383645
Name: 100 ct Kids Mega MultiVitamin
Product Image Unavailable: Kids Mega MultiVitamin
UPC: 639738166452

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Suggested Retail: $18.31
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Extended Information:

Suggested Use:  Parents may give children 2 years of age and older 2 gummies daily or as directed by healthcare professional.
Serving Size:  2 gummies
Ingredients:  Vitamin A 7,400IU
Vitamin B2 300mg
Beta-Carotene 130mg
Vitamin D2 22mg
Vitamin B3 4mg
Folic acid 18mg
Vitamin E 7mg
Panthothenate B5 1mg
Magnesium 400mg
Vitamin C 19mg
Vitamin B6 1mg
Iron 1mg
Vitamin K 19mg
Vitamin B12 0mg
Zinc 1mg
Vitamin B1 300mg
Biotin 0mg
Copper 300mcg
*** Manganese 200mg
Chromium 22mg
Molybdenum 100mcg
Selenium 9mg
Other Ingredients:  Water, sugar, high maltose corn syrup, citrus pectin, black carrot extract, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, cellulose, hydrogenated oil and maltodextrin.

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