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Item #: 329042
Name: 1 each Baby Nasal Aspirator
Product Image Unavailable: Baby Nasal Aspirator
UPC: 894321000425

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Suggested Retail: $9.95

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36/Case Contains: Nasal aspiratorfilters 20 replacement filters Storage/travel case Instructions (English/En Espanol)
Suggested Use:  Wash and clean hands before and after using Baby NasaKleen. Find a comfortable setting. There are several ways to position you and your baby. Lay the baby in your lap with the baby's head between your knees and feet against your stomach. Let the baby's head drop backward slightly. Another way is to simply lay the baby in a bed or crib-with*** you standing next to the baby. Place the nozzle slightly inside the baby's nostril and gently apply suction with your mouth through the mouthpiece. The mucus will collect in the transparent chamber. The chamber contains a hygiene filter to prevent any mucus from leaving the chamber or any bacteria infecting the parent. Repeat the process with the other nostril, if needed. If the mucus is particularly dry or sticky you should apply a few drops of saline into the nostrils before aspirating. Clean the unit and discard filter Cleaning The Unit: Disassemble and wash all parts of the unit with soap and warm water. The foam filter should be changed after every use.

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