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Item #: 241354
Name: 60 gcp Clear Migraine
Product Image: Clear Migraine
UPC: 648426413549

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Suggested Retail: $16.99

Extended Information:

Directions:  At the onset of a migraine headache adults and children 12+: Take 3 capsules every 3-4 hours as needed. DO NOT exceed 12 capsules on a 24 hour period.
Ingredients:  aconite 3x, belladonna 6x, bryonia 6x, cimicifuga 3x, hypericum 3x, iris versicolor 6x, kali bichromicum 3x, natrum muriaticum 6x, sanguinaria 3x, spigelia 6x.
Other Ingredients:  corydalis tuber, angelica sinensis root, ligustici root, peony root, pueraria root, angelica dahurica root, chrysanthemum flower, gastrodia tuber, rehmannia root, siler root, ginger root, lycium fruit, tangerine peel, licorice root, magnesium stearate.

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