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Item #: 153217
Name: 40 tab Allergiemittel AllerAide
Product Image Unavailable: Allergiemittel AllerAide
UPC: 308078125909

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Suggested Retail: $11.49

Extended Information:

Directions:  Place under tongue and let dissolve. Take before exposure to allergen or as soon after symptoms appear as possible, at least 15 minutes before or half hour after eating brushing teeth, or drinking anything other than water. Adults and children 12+: 1 tablet every hour until symptoms subside, then 1 tablet 3 times per day until relieved. Children 2-12: half the adult dose. For relief of sneezing, itchy eyes,wheezing, nasal congestion, and scratchy throat. Safe and effective.Effective against grass, bush & tree pollen; dust & mold; pet dander. Non drowsy. Non habit-forming.
Active Ingredients (HPUS): Cardiospermum 3X (Class N); Galphimia glauca 3X; Luffa operculata 4X. Lactos based.

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