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Item #: 149001
Name: 16 oz LiceBGone 8 Treatment Family Sz
Product Image: LiceBGone 8 Treatment Family Sz
UPC: 740079160013

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Suggested Retail: $19.99

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Directions:  For Head Lice: Spray onto dry hair and massage or comb to insure that the hair is completely saturated. Place shower cap on after application. Leave on for 60 minutes. Remove shower cap and comb hair carefully with nit comb to remove all lice and nits. If the hair is long, thick or curly comb with a wide tooth comb to straighten and detangle before using nit comb. Rinse hair with warm water and inspect under a bright light using a magnifying glass. For Body Lice/Crab Lice: Apply directly to the affected areas of the body and keep wet for at least 60 minutes, reapplying when necessary. Shower with warm water and re-inspect. *** For Scabies: spray onto affected area(s), allowing it to dry uncovered and remain on the skin for a minimum of 12 hours. Inspect the treated area(s) and reapply with a cotton ball to spots still showing signs of redness.
Ingredients:  filtered water, and enzymes from natural plant sources. Contains NO irritating chemicals or harmful pesticides.

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