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Item #: 126637
Name: 60 tab Candida/Yeast
Product Image Unavailable: Candida/Yeast
UPC: 371400415979

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Suggested Retail: $9.79

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Directions:  Women, at first signs of a yeast infection, n itching, or discomfort, chew 1 tablet and allow to dissolve i the mouth every 2 hours or as needed until symptoms improve, thenreduce to 4 times daily. Continue taking for 2 complete mentrual cycles. Girls 2-12: use 1/2 the adult dose and continue for 60 days.
Active Ingredients:  baptisia tinctoria 4x; bryonia alba 4x; s echinacea angustifolia 4x; eupatorium perfoliatum 4x; helonia dioica 4x; thuja occidentalis 4x,12x,30x; viscum album 4x; kreosotum 8x,20x,30x; candida albicans 12x; candida parapsilosus 12x. Inactive
Ingredients:  lactose.

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