Policies & Information

Ordering - No Order Minimum see Shipments / Delivery for details

Phone orders available via a live customer service rep toll free: 1-800-759-4931 (dial 2 at prompt)
Customer service and office hours M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm Central Time
24 hours a day
  • via email:
  • via the Palko website: www.palkoservices.com
  • via Fax: 1-888-759-1199
When ordering please provide the item # first and then the quantity.
Special orders are offered as a service and must be pre-paid at the time of the order.

Fast Order Processing

Orders placed before noon Central Time will be shipped the following business day. In our effort to provide you the fastest possible service, we enter your order immediately when placed. Sometimes, our customers will call us back in a few minutes to add on to their order. We appreciate the addition, but if your order has already been released to the warehouse, we are unable to do an add-on. So, if you think that you might call us back with an addition, please ask us to hold your order until you call back. Otherwise, if we have already processed your order, your addition will become a new order, and must also be net $195.00 to qualify for free shipping. Show Orders: Do not qualify for our typically fast order processing.

Shipments / Delivery

FREE SHIPPING VIA FEDEX on shipped orders over $195.00 in the continental US [Net shipped items must total over $195.00 to qualify for free shipping and must be shipped in the contiguous 48 states]. Orders under $195.00 net, an $10.00 shipping charge will apply (Continental US). Hawaii, Alaska and International shipping has varying rates - please ask your sales rep. All C.O.D. orders incur a C.O.D. fee of $13.00. If it is determined that your store lies in a residential area we must add a residential delivery fee of $3.90 per box. In order to keep our minimum low, we must be able to ship in the most cost-effective method. Therefore on pallet size orders Palko will pay for normal truck delivery. Any additional services requested will be the customer's responsibility and must be specified at the time of order. Examples: Lift-gate, Off-load, In-store delivery, phone first, etc. Refused shipments will be charged full shipping fees plus handling. Retailers may designate a carrier other than FedEx for a $10.00 fee.


Orders shipped to consumers at retailers request do not qualify for free shipping - a $20.00 charge plus actual shipping will apply. Please ask about our fulfillment program if you have interest in having Palko ship to your customers to save this fee.

Guaranteed Sale Policy

Any first-time order of a product purchased from Palko that does not sell will be accepted back, less any free or discounted amounts. Reordered products do not qualify for this credit. A credit memo will be issued upon receipt of returned product. We will not accept products back kept longer than 90 days. After 90 days guarantee becomes null and void. Guarantee does not apply to food items, closeout/discontinued products, hot fad items ordered in larger than a single case quantity, special ordered products and any free-fill products. - See also "Returns" Policy

Extreme Weather

There may times when the weather may delay a product from being shipped. In freezing temperatures at 10 degrees or below we prefer to not ship liquids 4oz or larger. Silver is not shipped when the temperature is at freezing. In the summer months we do not ship items that are prone to melting in extreme hot temperatures. This is also true for all items that any manufacturer specifies as part of their GMPs. When confirming your order you have 2 options if there is an extreme temperature issue with a particular product. Palko can hold the entire order or just the determined products until the weather becomes less extreme. Or you do have the choice to take responsibility for the entire contents of the order and over-ride our recommendation not to ship products. This over-ride authorization must be verified with each order. By taking responsibility you accept all risk associated with "damaged-in-shipping" products including those that are not freezable or melt-able.


All Palko customers must be a Natural Products Retailer and supply Palko with a copy of your Resale License / Merchant Certificate with Federal Tax ID number. All Palko customers must also have a signed customer form on file before any products can be shipped to your store.


New customers will be shipped C.O.D./Cash, Check-by-Phone, ACH, Credit Card or Prepay. To avoid the C.O.D. tag fee of $13.00 you may pay with a credit card, check-by-phone or prepay with a money order. Credit Card orders will incur a $2.00 administrative fee. Credit Cards are only accepted at the time of the original order. If a Credit Card is used to pay an outstanding balance an additional 2% fee will be applied. Company checks will be accepted after new account/credit application has been signed, submitted & approved. Terms can be extended to established accounts upon completion and verification of credit application. There are no fees for Check-by-Phone payments. Palko accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. As a service Palko also accepts American Express with an additional 0.5% service fee due to the higher fees we are charged.

Palko Terms Options

  • Check-by-phone & ACH - No Additional Fees
  • Net 10 Days - No Additional Fees (if paid within terms) with approved/signed credit application
  • C.O.D. - $13.00 C.O.D. fee (established by Fedex)
  • Visa, Mastercard & Discover ($2.00 administrative fee)
  • American Express ($2.00 administrative fee + 0.5% bottom line service fee)

NSF Checks / Overdue Accounts / Finance Charges

A $20.00 fee will be assessed to the customer's account for an NSF check. It is very likely the account could lose their terms and be put on a C.O.D. CREDIT CARD status until a new credit history is established. No orders will be shipped to overdue accounts until they are paid in full or a payment plan has been approved by our credit department. Overdue accounts will be charged a finance charge of 1.5% per month, but not in excess of legal maximum. Overdue accounts do not qualify for specials or discounts. Volume discount customers must pay within terms to keep volume discounts.


Under 6 units per item must be reordered. We do not automatically ship out-of-stocks. Please call customer service or your sales rep for status. Most out-of-stocks are honored within 30 days. Please meet the free shipping minimum ($195.00 net) to avoid shipping charges for out-of-stock shipments. Out-of-stocks are subject to shipping and C.O.D. fees. All products ordered on sale and not in inventory at the time of order will be reserved for you at the sale price (only if manufacturer honors the discount to Palko). Out-of-stocks over 30 days old will be automatically deleted. No Discounts will be held longer than 30 days.

Discontinued/Overstock/Last Chance

Occasions arise when Palko Services offers larger than usual discounts. These discounts are typically offered while quantities remain and are shipped on a first ordered, first served basis. We will not guarantee quantities on hand, discounts beyond the inventory we have in-stock and will not reserve backorders when we are out-of-stock. These products also do not qualify under our guaranteed sale guidelines. All prices and discounts subject to change without notice.

Special Orders

As a service Palko does offer special orders for products we do not carry from brands that are offered in our catalog. Special order items must be pre-paid. Special ordered items must be in case quantities. Special order items do not qualify for discounts. Special ordered items are non-returnable and non-cancellable. Special order items are shipped with no additional shipping charge when ordered with an order that meets the minimum for free shipping.


All returns require prior authorization from Palko Services. Only those products authorized for return will be considered for credit. Any return authorization received is not an automatic guarantee of credit. Any products not eligible for credit will be destroyed by Palko Services.The following information must be provided to obtain this authorization:

  • Date of Purchase
  • Invoice Number
  • UPC Code
  • Product Description
  • Product Expire Date
  • Product Lot Code
  • Exact reason for return
  • Must arrive in resalable condition

Palko Services does not accept returns for reasons of:

  • Store Inventory Overstocked or Store Closing
  • Special Ordered Items
  • Drop Shipments
  • Ship-In and Ship-Out orders
  • Exceptionally large orders (Maximum of 12 units per SKU are eligible for return)
  • Fad items that sell well and then sales taper off
  • Seasonal Items (Suncare, Bug Spray, Gift Sets, etc.)
  • Items bought from Palko as part of an over-stock sale or closeout sale
  • Discontinued Items
  • Products kept longer than 180 days

Restocking fee is 25%. Customer is responsible for returning merchandise in resalable condition. Full credit cannot be given for merchandise that has been defaced, marked, stamped or priced in any way. All price tags and glue residue must be removed prior to return. An additional restocking fee of 25% will be assessed if we remove any price tags or glue residue. Any items that are sold as a boxed unit must be returned as a full unit in resalable condition; no split boxes of drinks, packets, displays, items sold in case quantities only, etc will be accepted. If a partial unit is received by Palko no credit will be given. No returns on nutritional bars. All items must be properly boxed to arrive safely at Palko Services -
You must include your store name, phone number, list of items being returned for credit and reference your Return Authorization #. Credit card returns will incur an additional 2.5% fee.

Consumer Returns

Retailer must supply a valid quality reason for consumer returns as well as the lot code and expiration date. Consumer returns are eligible for replacement by Palko Services within 6 months of original invoice date that corresponds with the reported lot code.

Adverse Event Reporting

Retailer must contact manufacturer to report all adverse events. Palko Services is happy to give credit once manufacturer has approved the Adverse Event credit. The lot code and expiration date are still necessary for adverse event credits. Adverse Event Credits are only eligible for credit by Palko Services within 6 months of original invoice date that corresponds with the reported lot code.

MAP Pricing Policy Support

MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Palko does honor the wishes of all MAP pricing policies from every brand we distribute. Please note that these are not PALKO policies. These agreements are designed to protect fair retail margins for every retailer, as well as keep the value of the products consistent throughout all retail channels.

Damage Claims

If a product is damaged in shipping, in order to receive any credit from us, you must keep the box or boxes and packing material that you received the product in, so that the shipper can come to your store and inspect the original packaging. It is absolutely necessary that you keep the original packaging in order to receive credit. Any claim of damaged or missing products must be requested within 3 days of receipt. Please inform your employees who might handle incoming packages of this necessity. Digital photographs of damages may be required. There are times when our carriers re-pack and deliver boxes to your store that might not contain all of its original contents. This happens when the package is roughly handled & the carrier damages the original box. We ask that you inspect your box to see if there is a Palko stamp across the shipping label and onto the box if there are damages to report. This allows us to dispute the damage with the carrier. Below is an example of what our shipping label looks like with stamp in place.

Shortage/Mis-picked Claims

All shortage claims and mis-picked items must be reported within 3 days of receipt of delivery. Shortage & mis-pick claims are subject to review by Inventory/Quality Control. Mis-picked items must be returned to Palko via a return shipping label at our expense.

Mis-ordered Items

Customer is responsible for costs incurred for returning mis-ordered items. Mis-ordered items are subject to the same 25% restocking fee as all returns outlined previously on this page.

Manufacturer Defects

Credits will be issued for items unsaleable due to manufacturer's defects. Examples of include: No safety seal, no label or mislabeled product, moldy product, etc. We may request proof of manufacturer defect to supply to the manufacturer. Some brand's request the actual product if there is an obvious defect. The return of this product to the manufacturer is at the brand's expense and must be sent directly to their facility. Palko will assist in all manufacturer recalls.

Product Dating

We work with all of our manufacturers to have the best possible dating. All supplements will have a minimum of 3 months dating (unless short dated sale is in effect). Typically we try not to send supplements with less than 1 year dating. Food items will have a minimum of 30 days dating. No product should leave the Palko warehouse with less than 30 days dating even if on short dated sale (unless otherwise noted).

Prices / Catalog Errors

We are not responsible for typographical errors in this price list. Prices & discounts are subject to change without notice. Prices can be confirmed on all phone orders at the time of ordering. Electronic orders, website orders, turn-over orders and faxed order totals are also confirmed prior to shipping. BOGO's and Twin Packs are not eligible for Linedrive discounts.

Please note: Often price changes are made between catalog printing and retailer orders. The pricing in the computer will be the correct price at the time of ordering.

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