Fulfillment Info (Drop-Ship)

Your customers' orders...shipped directly to them...by Palko...with your invoice.

Fulfillment, also commonly referred to as drop-ship, is the most efficient way for many of our retailers to get products shipped directly to their customers in an expedited fashion. Simply put, this program allows you to take an order from your customer for a product that Palko supplies and we ship it directly to your customer for you.


  • Submit your order to us.
  • You generate a packing slip to be included with the item(s) when shipped. This must have your business letterhead, the customer name and shipping address and the product to be shipped (invoice template available upon request).
  • You email the packing slip to or fax it to 888.759.1199.
  • You will be sent an email acknowledging the receipt of your order and the stock status of the item(s).
  • We then process the order through our computer system, charging your account the wholesale price, a $1.50 processing fee and the actual shipping charge.
  • Your order will be shipped to your customer. **Please note on the packing slip if you wish for the tracking number to be sent to you.
  • No option available at this time for international shipments due to the volume of paperwork involved.
  • Fulfillment orders do not qualify for Net terms and must be paid for daily. Please visit our policy page in our catalog for payment options.

Some of the benefits of choosing Palko Fulfillment

  • Access to our full catalog (currently 8678 skus) that we offer, yet no inventory costs, warehouse expenses or wages to pay!
  • You control the pricing and item selection on your site. (subject to brands' MAP Policies)
  • We wish to have a relationship with you, not your customers. Therefore, our company name will NOT appear on anything that we send to your customer; a plain box with the provided packing slip with your logo is what they will receive.
  • You gain a competitive advantage over your direct competition by offering your customers the popular and unique products of Palko Exclusive brands (brands that have chosen sole distribution through Palko).
  • We have the shipping supplies and experience to ship your order quickly and efficiently to your customer! We ship hundreds of orders every day.

Other Available Services...


Palko can use your shipper number with your preferred carrier, by request. A handling charge will apply on direct bill shipping.


Palko will ship orders direct to Amazon fulfillment centers, ensuring that these shipments meet Amazon's standards of weight, size, heights and pallet grades. There are handling fees for all Direct to Amazon shipments, determined by the actual weight of each order. Please note that Direct to Amazon handling fees cannot be provided PRIOR to the order being packed, weighed and invoiced.

  • 1 to 100 lbs - $10.00
  • 101 to 200 lbs - $20.00
  • 201 to 300 lbs - $30.00
  • 301 to 400 lbs - $40.00
  • 401 to 500 lbs - $50.00
  • 501 to 600 lbs - $60.00
  • 601 to 700 lbs - $70.00
  • 701 to 800 lbs - $80.00
  • 801 to 900 lbs - $90.00
  • 901 to 1,000 lbs - $100.00
  • 1,001 to 1,100 lbs - $110.00
  • Etc…

Contact your Palko Sales Executive for more details or for answers to specific questions about any of the amazing programs we offer.

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