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Christopher's Original Formulas

Item #: 644700
Name: 2 oz Kid-E-Mune
Product Image: Kid-E-Mune
UPC: 084783447009

Item UPC
Suggested Retail: $19.99
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Extended Information:

Directions:  Shake well. Take 5-10 drops three times a day.
Serving Size:  5 drops
Servings Per Container:  about 228
Ingredients:  Organic Echinacea Angustifolia Root. Ailments traditionally used for: Ague, Aids Support, Alopecia, Aphthous Ulcers, Bacterial Infection, Bites (Snake), Blood Poisoning, Canker Sores, Cervical Dysplasia, Cold Sores, Common Cold, Fever Blisters, Flu, Herpes (Cold Sores & Genital), Herpes (Zoster), Immune System Function, Influenza, Neuralgia (Post), Pap Smear (Abnormal), Shingles, Snake Bites (Venemous Wounds), Sore Throat, Typhoid, Ulcer (Mouth), Upper Respiratory Infection.

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