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Item #: 521053
Name: 25 bag Womaid Menopause Tea
Product Image Unavailable: Womaid Menopause Tea
UPC: 033119300532

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Suggested Retail: $7.40
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Extended Information:

Ingredients:  Herbal Blend:{aztec marigold stem, leaves and flowers, damiana stem and leaves, gumbo limbo stem and leaves, sweet-scented marigold stem, leaves and flowers, wintergreen stem and leaves , cocolmeca root, mexican lippia stem, leaves and flowers, fennel stem, leaves and flowers, high wallow sten leaves and flowers, chamomile stem leaves and flowers, sage stem and leaves, linden flower},guava flavor, mango flavor, hibiscus flavor, soy isoflavones. citric bioflavonoids, black cohosh, stevia.

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