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Item #: 273562
Name: 2 oz Appetite & Weight w/ P.H.A.T.
Product Image: Appetite & Weight w/ P.H.A.T.
UPC: 357955515623

Item UPC
Suggested Retail: $19.99

Extended Information:

12/case Indications for Use: For fast relief of excess appetite, food cravings, that empty feeling in stomach and constitutional tendencies to gain fat. Obesity. Helpful for both adults and children who are overweight.
Directions:  Hold close to mouth and spray 1 dose(3 complete pump sprays)directly in mouth 2-6 times daily until symptoms improve.
Ingredients:  Anacard occ, Antimon.crud.,Calc.carb.,Fucus , Kal i bic., Oleander, Sabadilla, Staphysag., Adrenalinum, ACTH, Co rtisone, Hypothalamus, Pituitarum, Thyroidinum,HCG. Flower Ess ences: Agrimony, Chestnut bud, Evening primrose, Golden rod, M ariposa lily, Pink yarrow, Tansy. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and LM1 potencies in a pure water base.** 062309

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